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Financial Record System (FRS) - The University's General Ledger system (not web-enabled). FRS access request form  
Departmental Management Accounting System (DMAS) - DMAS is the WEB version (view/read access only) of FRS.  DMAS is updated real time and contains more than 10 years of summary and detail transaction history.   DMAS access request form   
Report Distribution System (RDS) - University application that distributes reports from the University's main computer to users through their PC's.  Access is required for delivery of report 90s.

DOLFIN- DOLFIN is a query and reporting tool that provides a comprehensive financial and management solution to senior leadership of departments, officers of the School of Medicine and their direct designees. DOLFIN Access Form


Departmental Human Resource System(DHRS) - DHRS maintains employment activity and employee history (not web-enabled). DHRS access request form   


Budget Preparation (B-PREP) - University Budget Preparation System is the university's online budgeting application.
B-PREP access request form 


Time & Effort - The online Time and Effort report system is maintained by the Office of Medical Finance and is used to track the AOA related activities performed by UM doctors at Jackson Memorial Hospital (JMH).